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Make your money work for you

Make your money work for you

If you are ready to employ your money, we are ready to make it work for you. Our journey with funds started way back in 2014 and we are proud to be able to offer you our products in three seperate funds.

DHF is always looking for a consistent return on your investments, while reducing your risks to a minimum. Our product section will show you the three different options. Our sales team keeps a keen eye as to which product fits your portfolio best.

Our traders take care of the various markets and apply strategies in order to fulfil a proper risk management.

The absolute unique part of our funds is the corporate guarantee to avoid any losses. With this, your investments could not be safer.

Let our expert trading work for you

Step 1: Get in touch
The first step to making your money work for you is to get in touch with our team. Use the 'REQUEST MORE INFORMATION' button and get your investing portfolio started.
Step 2: We will contact you
After your request to get in touch our team will contact you. We will have a talk in which we will inquire about your current status and the goals you want to achieve with your investing budget.
Step 3: our offer
After inquiring about your goals and investment budget we will create an offer which suits your wishes best. We cannot wait to help you grow the capital you've worked so hard for.
Step 4: We get to work
After agreeing on our offer we start making the most of your investment. We will use our experience and expertise to grow your capital, while keeping the risks as low as possible.
Step 5: Frequent updates
Transparency is very important for us. Because of this we offer frequent updates on your investment. We send updates on your earnings, our fees and the new value of your investment portfolio.

Maximize profit? or minimize risks?

We have created the 3 separte Fund options to provide you with well-structured, high-performing investment opportunities. Our primary objective is to be the partner of choice for investors seeking diversification options for their portfolios. Our team works together with those investors to help them achieve their investment objectives. Our aim is to improve the performance and risk management of client portfolios by offering investment solutions with correlations dissimilar to the other holdings in their portfolios

DHF Alpha Fund


DHF Gamma Fund


DHF Forex Fund


Diversify your portfolio to
get the most out of your assets

‘Never bet on only one horse’ is a very common saying in the world of investing. We believe this to be very true. Our unique combination of Forex, equities and precious metals create a diversified portfolio for any investor. To make it even more secure we include our corporate guarantee to protect your assets.

We build our funds in the same way you would build your own portfolio. Yet, we are the one party solution who does it all. Making your money work for you and having us make the effort for it.

Keeping it within the family

Being part of the DHF Capital family we are able to house all requirements exaclty where we need it. Our traders are coached by our carefully selected and monitored asset managers. Our algorithms are developed within our own family. Due to this corporate family we can improve even further on a daily basis.

We are consistently improving  and coaching our teams to make sure you get the best return on your investment. We strive to be as transparant as we can be. This is why we send our regular updates. Also our weekly market analysis can be requested for free.


Your chance to be a part of something bigger

Are you just starting as an investor? Or don’t have millions in your savings account to invest with the big boys? Actually you can. With DHF Funds. 

Our funds are directly related to the products at DHF Capital SA. This way you can invest alongside the most successfull investors of our time. This is your one-way ticket to be a part of something bigger. 

We have created this unique opportunity because we believe investing should be available for everyone. Request more information and get in touch with our team to learn more about your options in the world of investing!

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